TST-CF Express
Vancouver, BC

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Manifest Bills and send out trailers are ALWAYS priority.


-       Manifest Bills or check if Router/Operations Manager has done it for the early morning company drivers.

-       Keep an eye on RO, 01 etc., and also for BOLD descriptions requiring Dangerous Goods paperwork.

-       Trap appointment trailers.

-       Always check how many bills there are with the manifest information.

-       Trap and take CFWL over to the TST side and give to the billers.

-       Trap ASCD1 (Argus) trailer, print new DRs, scan in PDF and send it out.

-       Trap DOORs – Ask Operations Manager at the end of the day.

-       Arrive FedEx and CN trailers

-       Add Foreign Equipment

-       Filling

-       Tractor Control


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-       2 years of transportation industry experience preferred