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    This function is provided as a guide for determining your class. The actual class is based on a combination of Stowability, Value - Liability and handling characteristics of the actual shipment and product. To determine the actual class consult the National Motor Freight Classification as rates are based on actual NMFC item numbers.

    Dimension Unit :

    *Wgt *Qty *Length *Width *Height
    (density is in lbs per cubic foot)
    1 To obtain a TST-CF Guaranteed Number, please call 1-888-878-4005. To obtain a TST-CF Guaranteed Number, please call 1-888-868-7923. Delivered by 5:00PM based upon Service Standard Delivered by 9:00AM based upon Service Standard Delivered by 12:00PM based upon Service Standard Oops! Why didn't the Rate Quote Work?
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    This one-time rate quote is for customers without pricing or credit.
    Customers with established pricing please sign in for a quote based on your rate agreement.

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    • Temperature control is not available with Intermodal Service
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    ----- You must enter either CubicFt *OR* Dimensions -----
    *Wgt Class NMFC Do NOT
    CubicFt Qty Length Width Height

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    Non-stackable freight or freight exceeding 72 inches in height will be subject to a minimum 96 inches in height. Freight that cannot be turned sideways with a width exceeding 48 inches may be subject to additional charges.
    Domestic freight with a total cube of 640.0 cft or greater may be rated based on lineal footage as opposed to actual cube.
    International freight with at total cube of 250.0 cft or greater may be subject to cubic capacity rules.
    Class is required for international shipments.

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    This list does not contain all our accessorials, only the most frequently used. For a complete list of charges, please refer to our current accessorial domestic or international charges listing.



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