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New Bill of Lading
    Information Complete tstPickupShipper tstProAssign To obtain a TST-CF Guaranteed Number, please call 1-888-878-4005. To obtain a TST-CF Guaranteed Number, please call 1-888-868-7923. Delivered by 5:00PM based upon Service Standard Delivered by 9:00AM based upon Service Standard Delivered by 12:00PM based upon Service Standard
    Pickup Information
    *Ship Date *Ready *Close *Your eMail *Your Name *Your Phone
    If your shipment includes skids/pallets, are they standard size (4ft x 4ft)?
    Entering dimensions for non-standard size pallets will allow us to provide proper equipment with sufficient floor space to accommodate your request.
    A two hour window between ready and close time is required to book your pickup on-line. For shipments not meeting this criteria, please contact customer service.
    Any request received after 3:00PM local time (at shipping location) may be considered a next working day pickup.
    For international shipments, please ensure all customs documents are complete.
    Shipper Information
    *Country Shipper Selection
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    *Company *Address Unit:

    *Province or State *City *Postal/Zip
    *Shipper Contact *Shipper Phone eMail
    Please ensure the "Shipper Phone" number is for the actual shipping location as this will affect pickup scheduling.
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    Consignee Information
    *Country Consignee Selection
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    *Company *Address Unit:

    *Province or State *City *Postal/Zip Close Time
    Consignee Contact Consignee Phone eMail
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    International Shipment (Broker Information)

    International shipments require a completed Bill of Lading with customs broker information and a commercial invoice. Lack of broker information and documentation may cause transit delays at border crossing.

    Third Party InformationOpen/Close

    Company Address

    Province or State City Postal/Zip eMail
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    Payment / Service
    Protect from Freezing  

    Intra-west 9 AM ** Restricted Coverage Area **

    For full coverage area and further information, please click here.
    • Temperature control is not available with Intermodal Service
    Shipment Detail (one line required)
    If your shipment contains dangerous or hazardous goods, please remember to check the "DG" column.
    *Description of Goods *#Pcs *Packaging *Wgt Class NMFC DG
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    Qty Length Width Height   Qty Length Width Height  

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    Liftgate at Delivery Warning! Skids with non-standard dimensions or skids over 2,000 LBS each may require special services to complete delivery. Please contact us if you require further information.
    Top Load Only will apply to ALL freight on your bill of lading or rate quote.

    Reference NumbersOpen/Close

    Bill of Lading Rate Quote Customer Reference
    Purchase Order Number(s)

    Extra Shipping SpecificsOpen/Close

    Requested Delivery Appointment
    Date Time
    Declared Value
    Maximum liability of ($2.00 per LB) $4.41 per KG unless stated otherwise.

    Special InstructionsOpen/Close

    Special Instructions

    Collect on DeliveryOpen/Close

    Collect on Delivery
    Amount COD Fee Paid By
    Remit To (if not shipper)
    Name Address
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